Two Week Count Down

The Excitement of a Pre-Order

It doesn’t feel real yet. I know it should because my book has been available for pre-order for a couple weeks now. It’s my first book ever, and been a insanely exciting ride . If you read my first post, Deciding to Write then you know I made a decision to write some books for myself a few years back. Never in a million years did I think I would be releasing them to the public. With the help and support of friends, mentors, and contacts in the great world of the internet I have managed to put together not one book, but an entire series that I am in the process of releasing. It’s seriously insane.

The story of Jason and Christy is very close to my heart since they were some of the first characters to ever chatter away in my head. Seeing their story of a second chance love come to life on the pages is Unbelievable. See what I did there?? 😉 Anyway, all corniness aside I was shocked when I woke up the morning after my book went up on Amazon and saw 3 pre-orders. Some wonderful people managed to find my book and they chose to buy it! If I were the jump up and down type, I would have been jumping up and down. Instead I took pictures with my phone, which made no sense but I felt like I needed to document the experience.

Christy’s story is a tough one, she has been through a truly awful experience but to see her come out of her shell, learn to trust, and eventually love again is was a lot of fun. Writing for me includes some of my own person experiences. Sometimes it’s a feeling, or a difficult conversation. Writing these thing can be hard. It’s tough when your characters are learning to love again, when they are trying to overcome their own demons which may be the same the author experienced many years ago. It’s all par for the course when writing realistic stories and I hope it comes through for those of you who read it.

My hope is that all of you who chose to read the story of these two, will love them as much as I do. Make sure you head over to Amazon and pre-order your copy now!

Thank you all for your support.

Happy Reading.

-Nikki Rome

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USA Today Best Selling Romance Author Nikki Rome has been a romance junky since a young age. As a girl she reached for book after book, looking for that happily ever after she always believed in. She loves all forms of romance and you can find her latest read not far from her reach. Nikki writes contemporary romance with a touch of danger and kink. Her love of realistic characters who face real problems provides a story that touches the hearts of many. As a writer, reader and lover of words, it only made sense that she publish her stories. Now years letter she owns and manages Smut Lovers: The Community. A group of like minded individuals that come together to talk about their love of all things smut. You can find her hosting Smut Lovers: The Podcast or running Smut Lovers: The Conference. Either way you know she'll always be talking about her love of books.

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