The Corsetti Empire

Content Warnings: The Corestti Empire is a high steam, kinky billionaire romance series. The following content warnings should be considered before reading them: Dealing with previous trauma, childhood neglect, infertility, alcoholism, drug use, depression, anxiety, elements of BDSM such as impact play and restraints, primal play, Shibari, voyeurism, sub/dom dynamics, primal play, edging, profanity and sexually explicit scenes. If you have any questions please reach out to the author directly at info@nikkirome.com.

Luca, A Steamy Billionaire Nanny Story

What do you get when you ask a gorgeous doctor to be your daughter’s nanny?

You get told you’re a fool.

Luca Coresetti never failed at anything. This New York based Tech Tycoon made his first billion by the age of twenty-three and never looked back. Years later, he’s left with an alcoholic ex-wife and a teenager who hates him. A jaded man with no hope of true love, Luca’s only goal is to help his daughter, but then a sexy Italian walks into his life.

Dr. Bella Ricci had no reason to agree to Luca’s proposal. A teenage girl didn’t need a nanny, she needed a role model. But Luca was maddeningly irresistible, and Jenny was everything she dreamed a daughter could be. When they worked their way into Bella’s heart, it was hard to say no.

Now, when faced with an inevitable struggle, Bella has two choices: let the handsome man with a complicated past help her, or move forward on her own without the two people who have become her world.

Will Bella and Luca survive the fight to true love?


Micah, A Playboy Billionaire’s Fake Fiancé

It was time for a change, and that change needed to be her…

Micah Corsetti had been left to pick up the pieces after his father’s shady dealings nearly ran their investment company into the ground. Micah succeeded in the impossible, and ended up with more money than he could ever hope to spend. However, when the parties were over and the night died down, he had nothing ahead of him but a long life of sharing his bed with strangers.

Isabel Diaz lied her way into the best job she’d ever had. Little did she know, at Corsetti Financial she would be working for one of the least respected men in Miami. Micah’s older clientele had no regard for his ‘new money’ and playboy lifestyle. Isabel brought stability, heart, and perseverance to the table, all things Micah both respected and wanted to exploit.

Now, faced with the biggest deal the company has ever seen, the two of them must make a decision: Fake it until they make it, or fake it forever. The problem is that neither of them were faking a thing.

Only time will tell if these two can survive when they have to choose what’s most important… Business? Or love?


Sofia, A Secret Billionaire Love Story

Money is never good, or is it?

Oscar Ashford grew up living a life of luxury. Sure, it had it’s appeal but being raised by strangers and living in a home where he was seen and not heard left a lasting impression. Years later this trust fund baby still worked hard to shake the term, always proving himself a better man then the day before. Now he ran a nonprofit working every day to better the community around him. He thought he had it all, everything he would ever need, until he found the one woman who made him realize he wanted more.

Sofia Corsetti’s life had been turned upside down. A family she never knew of and an inheritance she didn’t want didn’t bode well for her future. Now dateless for the first family event she was asked to attend she turned to the one thing she swore she’d never do. She let her best friend set her up with a matchmaking service. Little did she know the striking man that showed up at her door had more secrets than she could imagine.

Will Oscar and Sofia face the obstacles of new love together or will betrayal tear them apart?



Nikki Rome nailed Luca Corsetti. Moody and dominant. Bella Ricci self assured and independent. Just enough spice and everything nice. Mix in spunky daughter Jenny and you have a heartwarming tale of a man who loves his daughter so much he will do whatever it takes for her to start speaking again. When he sees her interact with Bella on a sidewalk he knows he has to have this woman in his life.


— Angelique Keeling (Full review can be found on Goodreads)

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