Wrath Paperback Signed, Book Three



Family wasn’t blood, it was who you chose…
People feared my men, but that was only because they hadn’t seen what I, Valentina Romano, was capable of. Torn apart by unfulfilled promises, hatred, and betrayal, I was done being a puppet in the games these men played.
I once considered him family, a close friend when I had no one else. Now he dared to ruin everything I had, everything we built, and for that he would die.
Ares Sabino, one of my three, always held me together. Now he’d be the one who helped me get my revenge. No one endangers my family and the world we created without paying for it. These challenges we faced were endless, but this was going too far.
Every day I wondered how much more we could take. Now I worried if this war I had declared would be what tore us all apart.

This is a dark reverse harem series with cliffhangers and an HEA at the end of the series. Please check Nikki Rome’s Author website for a complete list of content warnings.


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