Unsettled Mind Paperback Signed



What happens when the man you once loved comes back to tell you someone is out to kill you?

Silvi knows what it’s like to live in fear. It had been over two years since she left the military, and it was time well spent. She established a new life and was healing from the trauma she experienced there. Her work at Calvano security fulfilled her daily until the dark, angsty and hard bodied partner she served with turns up and rocks her world.

Marco thought his mission was successful until landing back in the states. The enemy that haunted his nightmares stood alive and well watching him from a distance. He needed to warn Silvi, this was his chance to finally protect the fiery, curvy, vixen who kept him warm at night. The only problem was, he hadn’t seen her since he shipped her home injured and alone.

What will happen when Marco and Silvi are hunted by their past? Will their love for each other help them make it out alive?

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