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His pain forced him to keep people at a distance, everyone but the woman who lit up his world.
Hope loved her job helping veterans adjust to life outside the military. Especially because the long hours kept her away from a man who was slowly tearing her apart. When she was at Calvano Security people treated her as an equal, they became her friends. It was the one place she felt safe, and she wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Cage was riddled by pain and anxiety since he left the military. What he had been through left a dark place on his soul. His friendship with the one woman who pushed through his walls gave him hope. Her softness was something he cherished, even if she could never be his. However, things took a turn when he had the chance to protect her from the man who was out to destroy her.
Can they win the ultimate fight to true love?

Unrestrained is a friends to lovers storyline that is book six in the Heroes of Calvano Security series. This is a complete story that can be read as a standalone. Adult content included. 18+ Recommended.


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