Unreasonable Paperback Signed



They were the best partner team at the firm, and they fought like they wanted to destroy each other.
As soon as Athena joined Calvano Security she was assigned to work with her best friend and occasional nemesis Mac. They faced evil daily but facing love was something entirely different. When a shift happens in their long-time friendship, she must decide what’s more important, love or a partner she can trust.
Mac was struck by her beauty as soon as she walked through the door. Now all these years she still took his breath away. Her fiery spirit motivated him to get up in the morning, but he’d never cross that line. They were partners, professionals, or were they?
Will they survive the fight of lifetime to ensure they are never torn apart again?

Unreasonable is the fourth book in the Heroes of Calvano Security series. It is a friends to lovers story that is a complete book and can be read as a standalone. Adult Content. 18+ Recommended.


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