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Forced together in a rather intimate setting, Emma couldn’t believe she was forced to spend time alone with her longtime crush.
Emma had worked as the technology lead at Calvano Security ever since she got arrested for hacking one of their databases. From the first day she started she couldn’t keep her eyes off the handsome man who occasionally strolled into the office. Little did he know she was the voice over the coms, the one that kept him safe on missions and entertained him during downtime.
Jace took one look at her and realized he knew nothing about the woman who hid quietly behind her computer screen. Something about her felt familiar but he couldn’t put his finger on it. When assigned to help him with a recruit they had no choice but to work closely and it was everything he had imagined it would be. He stood no chance up against this curvy vixen.
What happens when you combine a self-proclaimed nerdy girl with a hot alpha snipper? Can they bust through the stereotypes find love?

Unexpected is an office romance that turns into a surprise baby story. It is book five in the Heroes of Calvano Security series and it is a complete story that can be read as a standalone. This steamy romance contains adult content. 18+ Recommended.


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