Unbreakable Paperback Signed



She was searching for her Prince Charming and he was no Prince. Or was he?
Avery spent most of her life dreaming about finding her other half. Watching from the sidelines as her twin sister found love and marriage tore her to shreds. They were supposed to fall in love together, marry brothers and live happily ever after. But none of that seemed to matter now. She was alone until he gave in.
Drew couldn’t keep away. His life was full of violence and danger. If he gave them a chance, she would just end up an innocent left to deal with the fall out. He couldn’t stop what his heart desired and when he made up his mind, there was no stopping his pursuit.
Will they survive the fallout of a mission gone bad and find their happily ever after?
This is a steamy, suspense romance that guarantees an HAE. Unstoppable, book three in the Heroes of Calvano Security series is a complete story that can be read as a standalone. Adult content: 18+ recommended.


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