Sofia Paperback Signed



Money is the root of all evil…
Or is it?
Oscar Ashford grew up living a life of luxury. Sure, it had its appeal, but being raised by strangers and living in a home where he was seen and not heard left a lasting impression. Years later, this trust fund baby still worked hard to shake the term, always proving himself a better man than the day before. Now, he runs a nonprofit, working every day to better the community around him. He thought he had it all—everything he would ever need—until he found the one woman who made him realize he wanted more.
Sofia Corsetti’s life had been turned upside down. Suddenly, she was part of a family she had never heard of, and heiress to a fortune that was going to ruin her future. Dateless for her first event with her new family, she turned to the one thing she swore she’d never do; she let her best friend set her up with a matchmaking service. Little did she know, the striking man who showed up at her door had more secrets than she could imagine.
Will Oscar and Sofia face the obstacles of new love together, or will betrayal tear them apart?


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