Micah Paperback Signed



It was time for a change, and that change needed to be her…
Micah Corsetti had been left to pick up the pieces after his father’s shady dealings nearly ran their investment company into the ground. Micah succeeded in the impossible, and ended up with more money than he could ever hope to spend. However, when the parties were over and the night died down, he had nothing ahead of him but a long life of sharing his bed with strangers.
Isabel Diaz lied her way into the best job she’d ever had. Little did she know, at Corsetti Financial she would be working for one of the least respected men in Miami. Micah’s older clientele had no regard for his ‘new money’ and playboy lifestyle. Isabel brought stability, heart, and perseverance to the table, all things Micah both respected and wanted to exploit.
Now, faced with the biggest deal the company has ever seen, the two of them must make a decision: Fake it until they make it, or fake it forever. The problem is that neither of them were faking a thing.
Only time will tell if these two can survive when they have to choose what’s most important… Business? Or love?


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