Lust Paperback Signed, Book One



A man is only as good as his word…
I was promised to him as a young girl, and I counted down the days until that promise would be fulfilled. At eighteen I was to be his, but at twenty-five I still waited.
When he finally came for me, he wasn’t alone. There are three of them, and they all want a part of me. I can’t give them all of me. I don’t even know who I really am.
The Dark Kings are ruthless, merciless, and unstoppable. They took me from everything I’ve known, and stripped away everything I had, leaving me with only them to depend on.
I should fear them.
I should hate them.
Instead, I lust after them.
Our lives have been intertwined since we were children, and now the Romano family will fall at the hands of The Dark Kings. Loyalty amongst family is everything. Now, my only family is the three men who rule the city by day and make me cry out their names at night.

This is a dark reverse harem series with cliffhangers and an HEA at the end of the series. Please check Nikki Rome’s Author website for a complete list of content warnings.


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