Greed Paperback Signed, Novella 0.5



He’s the only one I could trust, even if he’d never trust me again…
Anton Tirelli was my entire life until three years ago when everything fell apart. He was the son of a Bratva Princess and the second in command of the Corsetti Crime family. With everyone he loved dead, he swore he’d never get involved again.
Now because I came to him, he was faced with a decision he never wanted to make. I ran from murder and blackmail; abuse and betrayal and I had lost touch with who I truly was. Things were bad, but little did I know showing up here only made everything worse.
Our love was toxic and dangerous, yet his praise was what I craved. He’d do anything to protect me, but protection wasn’t what I needed. His love was the only thing that could keep me together as greed surrounded us and threatened to destroy it all.

This is a dark romance novella with a HEA and sets up the story of The Dark Kings. 


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