Envy Paperback Signed, Book Two



Betrayal and jealousy will rip me apart…

When I looked up, I knew it was over. The life we had started to build was falling down around us. My father had broken his promise to Dante Corsetti and made a deal with another. A deal that was coming back to haunt me.
I worried most about Nico, the one whose emotions ran deep. Nico Marchesi was a tortured soul, an unstable human who loved me more than life itself. When the needle pierced my skin, it was his face that flashed in my mind. All three of them would be furious, but Nico would be broken. Unhinged.
If I lived through this, would we make it? Would Nico’s need for revenge outweigh his love for us all?

This is a dark reverse harem series with cliffhangers and an HEA at the end of the series. Please check Nikki Rome’s Author website for a complete list of content warnings.


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