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Observant Behaviors

Content Warning: This is a kinky romance series that includes alcoholism, conversations of being cheating on, fears of infertility, pregnancy, references to purity religion, cult and mistreatment of women, sexually explicit scenes with include elements of kink such as impact play, edging, restraints, breath play, Shibari, wax play, fire play, praise, an age gap, a CGL relationship and degradation. Risky Behavior also includes memories and conversations about past SA, attempted SA please read with caution.

Erotic Behavior: Sold to the Highest Bidder


I thought it would be easy. My virginity was never something I held in high regard. The money would solve all the problems I faced. Things were professional, and I looked at it all as a business deal. However, now I’m standing in a room with a bed bigger than my apartment and my need to run for my life was overpowering my consciousness.


I wanted her, needed her for more than I would ever admit. She had no idea who I was. To her, I was nothing more than a bachelor looking for a wife. If she ever found out the truth, I’d lose everything. It was now or never. Time to make my move.

When the auction of a lifetime matches a Dom in need with his newest little things get… complicated.



Risky Behavior: Submitting to the Ruthless Guard


From the moment I saw him I knew I was facing evil. The man who bought me was cold hearted, sadistic, and abusive. All I had left was to live through the end of my five-year contract. When hope shone through in the form of a rugged and mysterious bodyguard who was hired to keep me locked up in Miles Carter’s estate, it was hard to believe the turn my life had taken. Leo Rand wasn’t there just to work for my future husband. He was there to rescue me from my living nightmare.


When my employer’s wife expressed concern for her missing best friend, I never imagined my search would lead me to Miles Carter’s doorstep. He was a man with no regard for human life and I knew I had to save the woman he had in his grasp. My plan was straightforward – to return Talia Crawford to her beloved best friend. Fate had other plans. As I looked into Talia’s eyes, I discovered a kindred spirit whose desires matched my own. Her body called to mine and I couldn’t let her go.

The only question that remained was if we would survive the danger that chased us and make it to the happily ever after we hoped for.



Manic Behavior: Taken by the Alluring Hitman


 Working at a prison wasn’t how I imagine my medical career starting, but it was a job and I needed it. The last thing I would have expected was an enigmatic patient who caught my attention. I didn’t know what it was about him that drew me in, but it became impossible to ignore. Noah Rand didn’t fit the mold, and I was starting to like that. Then the unthinkable happened, and he showed me his true colors.


I had a job to do, and Ayden Montgomery was a potential threat to everything I had worked for. The worst part? She didn’t even know it. With her curvy body that haunted my dreams, I knew there was no way to leave her behind. Even if that meant risking everything.

But what happens when the person you want is the one person who could destroy everything you’ve worked for?


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