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Heroes of Calvano Security

Content Warnings: The Heroes of Calvano Security is a high steam, high action romantic suspense series. The following content warnings should be considered before reading them: Dealing with previous trauma, assault, miscarriage, murder, sex trafficking, stalking, domestic abuse, drug use, depression, anxiety, PTSD, gun violence, kidnapping, elements of BDSM such as impact play and restraints, profanity and sexually explicit scenes. If you have any questions please reach out to the author directly at

Unbelievable – Book One

She’s the woman he never forgot. He’s the man she left behind.

Agreeing to meet with Jason Calvano was one of the craziest things Christy had ever done in her life. What could he possibly want this many years after she left him to protect her heart? Why did she say yes? 

After facing an unspeakable trauma, Christy regained her voice and became a successful, high-profile attorney with a complicated past that involved more than just Jason. Now he wanted back into her life, but she wouldn’t bend to his will. 

Jason turned his life around years ago, but one regret kept him from being satisfied. After seeing Christy again, he knew she was hiding something from him. Her secrets were eating at her, and he was consumed with the need to help and determined to keep her safe.

Can Christy overcome the lingering effects of her past? Can Jason hold strong and be there every step of the way? 

This is a steamy, second chance romance that guarantees an HAE. Unbelievable, book one in the Heroes of Calvano Security series is a complete story. 


Unstoppable– Book Two

One unexpected night with lasting consequences left them both wanting more.

Andie had always dreamed of finding her prince charming, but she never imagined she would find him while waiting tables at a charity event. Their one wild night left a lasting impression, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that she had found her missing piece.

Mike Christenson found himself face to face with an angel. Never in his life had he felt so drawn to a woman. As a veteran and lead security officer at Calvano Security, he faced dangers his entire life. It wasn’t until he met Andie that he felt fear for the first time. With the difficulties of a new relationship and the growing love for her and their child he was forced to come to terms with his new reality: Andie and his child was now his number one mission.

Will Andie give in to Mike’s unstoppable demands? Will Mike learn to compromise?

This is a steamy, surprise baby romance that guarantees an HAE. Unstoppable, book two in the Heroes of Calvano Security series is a complete story.


Unbreakable – Book Three

She was searching for her Prince Charming and he was no Prince.

Avery spent most of her life dreaming about finding her Prince. Watching from the sidelines as her twin sister found love and marriage tore her to shreds. They were supposed to fall in love together, marry brothers and live happily ever after. But none of that seemed to matter now. She was alone until he gave in.

Drew couldn’t keep away. He knew he would be terrible for her. His life was full of violence and danger. If he gave them a chance, she would just end up an innocent left to deal with the fall out. He couldn’t stop what his heart desired and when he made up his mind, there was no stopping his pursuit.

Can Avery and Drew make it through the unthinkable? Will they survive the fallout of a mission gone bad?
This is a steamy, suspense romance that guarantees an HAE. Unstoppable, book three in the Heroes of Calvano Security series is a complete story. Adult content: 18+ recommended.


Unreasonable – Book Four

They were the best partner team at the firm, and they couldn’t stay away from each other.

As soon as Athena joined Calvano Security she was assigned to work with her best friend and occasional nemesis Mac. They faced evil daily but facing love was something entirely different. When a shift happens in their long-time friendship, she must decide what’s more important, love or a partner she can trust.

Mac was struck by her beauty as soon as she walked through the door. Now all these years she still took his breath away. Her fiery spirit motivated him to get up in the morning, but he’d never cross that line. They were partners, professionals, or were they?

Will Mac survive when Athena gets taken? Will Athena come back to him after pushing him away?

Unreasonable is the fourth book in the Heroes of Calvano Security series. It is a friends to lovers story that is a complete book and can be read as a standalone. Includes adult content, not recommended for those under 18.


Unexpected – Book Five

Her crush was unmistakable… if only he knew who she really was.

Emma had worked as the technology lead at Calvano Security ever since she got arrested for hacking one of their databases. From the first day she started she couldn’t keep her eyes off the handsome man who occasionally strolled into the office. Little did he know she was the voice over the coms, the one that kept him safe in dire situations.

Jace took one look at her and realized he knew nothing about the woman who hid quietly behind her computer screen. Something about her felt familiar but he couldn’t put his finger on it. When assigned to help him with a recruit they had no choice but to work closely and it was everything he had imagined it would be.

What happens when you combine a self-proclaimed nerdy girl with a hot alpha snipper? Can they bust through the stereotypes find love?

Unexpected is an office romance that turns into a surprise baby story. It is book five in the Heroes of Calvano Security series and it is a complete story that can be read as a standalone. This steamy romance contains adult content, not recommended for those who are under 18.


Unrestrained – Book Six

His pain forced him to keep everyone at a distance, everyone but her.

Hope loved everything about her job. Especially because it kept her away from her husband for at least eight hours a day. When she was there people treated her as an equal, people became her friends. It was the one place she felt safe.

Cage was riddled by pain and anxiety since he left the military. What he had been through left a dark place in his soul and his friendship with the one woman who pushed through his walls gave him Hope. Her softness was something he cherished, even if she could never be his.

When everything goes wrong can Cage step in and protect Hope from the man who is out to destroy her?

Unrestrained is a friend to lovers storyline that is book 6 in the Heroes of Calvano Security series. This is a complete story that can be read as a standalone. Adult content included, not recommended for those under 18.


Unsettled Mind – A Novella

What happens when the man you once loved comes back to tell you someone is out to kill you?

Silvi knows what it’s like to live in fear. It had been over two years since she left the military, and it was time well spent. She established a new life and was healing from the trauma she experienced there. Her work at Calvano security fulfilled her daily until the dark, angsty and hard bodied partner she served with turns up and rocks her world.

Marco thought his mission was successful until landing back in the states. The enemy that haunted his nightmares stood alive and well watching him from a distance. He needed to warn Silvi, this was his chance to finally protect the fiery, curvy, vixen who kept him warm at night. The only problem was, he hadn’t seen her since he shipped her home injured and alone. What will happen when Marco and Silvi are hunted by their past? Will their love for each other help them make it out alive?

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