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Sleep or Peace

It all started with a TikTok

Okay so here’s my confession of the week: I am slightly addicted to TikTok. There I said it and as an adult I’m choosing to do nothing about it. Now I know the downsides of course but there are some good things too. Like the video I watched the other day where the guy said, “There are two kinds of exhaustion. The kind where someone needs sleep and the kind were someone needs peace.” (I’m close but I’m also certain that wasn’t word for word) It got me thinking… I am tired all the time… but is it sleep I actually need?

Let’s be real here, my level of tired isn’t going to be solved by a nap. My level of tired is the lock myself in a room for about seven days to recharge kind of tired. That’s not normal is it? Which makes me wonder is it really just peace I need? I have written before about how I love to escape into my books. It’s when the house is quiet and no one needs anything from me that I take time for myself. It’s at 5:00 AM or midnight that I can finally relax enough to disappear into a book. I cherish those moments more then you can imagine.

What does Peace look like?

Peace my look differently for me then it does for you. I think that’s okay, we are all different humans with different needs. Take a minute to think about the last time you were at peace. Was the TV on in the background? Did you have notifications popping up on your phone? Was a kid pulling on your pantleg and asking for a snack? Many of us probably imagine a peaceful moment on the beach or fantasize over a night of self care soaking in a tub with our favorite book but making that happen can be hard sometimes.

We have complicated busy lives and beach getaways aren’t always possible. Ove the last year I have removed myself from a lot of distractions and now that life is going back to normal I may keep it that way. The next steps are building in some moments of peace. Dedicating sometime to my own mental health and being selfish about it! I encourage each of you to do the same.

Do you consider yourself a peaceful person? Is it something you aspire to be? Comment below and share!

Happy Reading.

-Nikki Rome

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