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Lazy Days

Does anyone have flash backs of their mother calling them lazy when you are laying around your house? I distinctly remember my mom telling me not to be lazy about a million times in my life. It would be comments like, “Get up and move that body”, or questions like “What do you have planned for today? ” Now as an adult I wonder what’s so wrong with a lazy day or two?

This week has been a doozy. The 2020 Election was a mess, highest record days in multiple states for Covid, multiple countries are shutting back down. I just want to spend a day in bed eating ice cream. I mean really, who would that hurt? I write books where my heroines get these days to themselves all the time and no one is calling them to see why they aren’t up doing something. In the hustle bustle of today’s world it’s time we cut ourselves a break.

I work from home now, which means home is work and work is home. Yes, read that again if you don’t get it. There are no lines anymore, no rules. I wore the same pajama pants I slept in to a meeting last week. Life is strange! And it’s likely going to stay that way. I am beyond grateful I have the opportunity to work from the safety of my own home but I’m getting to the point where I can’t stand my home. Now the question is was I being lazy last week in my pajama pants meeting or is that just life? Maybe for me it was a little bit of both. However, today was a true lazy day and let me tell you why…

There is a hurricane headed to Florida, nothing big, in fact we haven’t even gone to bought water. (Which doesn’t say much we are Floridians) But we still know it’s coming so we didn’t make plans to do anything. It’s Sunday night and as I’m sitting here I can’t think of the last time we spent two days in a row at home doing nothing. Oh we have been home of course, there is a pandemic going on but there is always something that NEEDED to be done. Do you know what I realized this morning? When we didn’t NEED to get anything done, we actually got stuff done.

Here me out… try doing nothing… and see what happens. Without a do to list, people we needed to see, and errands we need to run I got more things done then I ever would. Add to that we actually took breaks, watched movies and generally relaxed. It was amazing. So first on my list of things to do is to call my mom tomorrow and tell her how beneficial being lazy really is. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

Do any of you enjoy the occasional lazy Sunday? How about a lazy weekend? I’m thinking I’m going to plan one of these every week.

Happy Reading.

-Nikki Rome

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