Goal Setting For the Procrastinator

Have you ever added “Make Goals” to a do to list just to not do it? I’m here to admit I have, and goal setting is one of the most difficult things for most procrastinators out there. I am a procrastinator. There I said it. The truth is everyone has a little bit of procrastination in them every now and then. For some it may be the 19th load of laundry that week, for others it may be picking a release date for a book, but at the end of the day we all have one thing in common… something is holding us back.

For my day job I work as a Corporate Trainer for a large financial institution. I literally teach goal setting to people and when it comes to my own goals I am terrible at it. After many years of failing I think I have finally figured it out. I can’t set a personal goal and achieve it without telling someone. When I have a goal in the back of my mind I never make it to the finish line. I’ll set a goal of 500 words a day, or two eat two vegetables at every meal but if no one is watching I’ll skip it for a day, then it’s a week. Then before you know it, I’ve forgotten I set the goal in the first place.

It is November 1st which means it is National Novel Writers Month. It’s a month that writers from all over the world work to write 50,000 words throughout the month of November. That’s a lot of words. The idea is to build up a group of buddies, post your successes and celebrate together. The whole idea got me thinking. If I don’t start setting myself some pretty big goals I’m never going to get what I want. No one is going to read my book if it just sits saved on my computer so, I will start by sharing with you now that there are big things coming for Nikki Rome. (Yes, I’m talking about myself in the third person… your welcome.) I have got some pretty serious goals to not only set ,but to also achieve and I’m going to take you along for the ride.

How about you? Any goals you are working towards? Tips and tricks that help you along the way? Share below and let’s compare notes!

Happy Reading.

-Nikki Rome

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USA Today Best Selling Romance Author Nikki Rome has been a romance junky since a young age. As a girl she reached for book after book, looking for that happily ever after she always believed in. She loves all forms of romance and you can find her latest read not far from her reach. Nikki writes contemporary romance with a touch of danger and kink. Her love of realistic characters who face real problems provides a story that touches the hearts of many. As a writer, reader and lover of words, it only made sense that she publish her stories. Now years letter she owns and manages Smut Lovers: The Community. A group of like minded individuals that come together to talk about their love of all things smut. You can find her hosting Smut Lovers: The Podcast or running Smut Lovers: The Conference. Either way you know she'll always be talking about her love of books.

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